What if death wasn’t the end?

What if you could die and return to your body, to live again? What if you could remain among the living long after your body crumbled to dust? What if science had rendered death a mere inconvenience?

The door between this world and the next has been thrown open. The souls of the deceased haven’t passed, they’re among us, and now the living walk among the dead, as well. Mankind has learned to look into the void of the afterlife…but does the void stare back?
If death is no longer absolute, what is?
Some Laws Should Never Be Broken.


The Orpheus Group is the latest boom in cutting-edge technology. Through the use of both state-of-the-art electronics and pharmaceuticals, employees of the Orpheus Group are able to project their actual souls from their bodies, and traverse the world in a state similar to that of ghosts! Calling these people “projectors”, Orpheus now hires them out for a variety of assignments.

At their most innocent, Orpheus crucibles (teams of projectors) may be hired to help a client achieve closure with the spirit of a loved one who has passed on, or to remove a hostile or terrifying spirit from its chosen haunting grounds, and much more. Further in the shadows, Orpheus crucibles can find themselves involved in corporate espionage, surveillance, or even assassination attempts! The life of an Orpheus Agent is a dangerous one – the ghostly world is not a hospitable place even to other ghosts – and interlopers are in even more danger from the many hostile spirits and other, more dangerous things which lurk beyond mortal sight.

Though the life of an Orpheus Agent is dangerous, it is not without its comforts. Aside from the comraderie of the Crucible, Agents earn sizeable salaries, receive key benefits, and often rake in other “rewards” for their loyal service. Agents have only just begun to understand the world they now live in, and are finally beginning to grow comfortable with the terrifying and bizarre nature of their profession.

Though they don’t know it yet, The Orpheus Group is already in very grave danger, and their only hope lies in you. Are you strong enough to survive dying…over and over again?

Orpheus - Slouching Towards Oblivion