The Orpheus Group


The company which would come to be known as The Orpheus Group was initially founded in 1997, with an entirely different purpose: Perfecting the science of cryogenic suspension. Engineer Robert Jackson and his colleague, physician Anne Del Greco, postulated that through the science of cryogenics, they could prolong the lives of individuals who were suffering from medical conditions considered terminal, until such time as medical sciences advanced enough to offers cures to their ailments.

The first experiments undertaken by the newly incorporated JDG Cryogenics were funded by one of Del Greco’s former patients, Jane Kennedy. Kennedy, who was suffering from several inoperable tumors, personally bankrolled the entire operation. Despite this, both Jackson and Del Greco maintained their day jobs – optimism aside, they still both had bills to pay, after all. Finally, after two years of sleepless nights and long weekends, their optimism bore fruit; All trials were successful, and Jane Kennedy became the first cryogenically frozen human being. Shortly thereafter, JDG Cryogenics found itself with a very impressive client list, all of whom held the same belief that their “terminal cases” would be found to be treatable in the very near future, if they could just hold out until that time. Jackson & Del Greco soon found themselves caretakers for some of the most wealthy and influential people in the modern world.

In 2004, five years after Jane Kennedy underwent her cryogenic suspension, medical sciences had advanced to a point where her tumors were no longer inoperable. Anne Del Greco arranged for Kennedy’s emergence from cryogenic suspension directly into the hands of the world’s leading oncologists. In a few short months, Jane Kennedy was once again an A-list celebrity – now not only for her fortune, but also for the unique tale she offered to those who spent any time with her.

The Orpheus Group

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